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1 January 2020, The New Decade

The 6¼ mile route, took a bit over 2 hours for the select band of merry walkers celebrating the new decade! The day was still and warm (for mid-winter), so despite the promotional image, there was no snow.

leaves under foot
The walk set out down Church Street and through St Nicholas Church churchyard, then going up Sandy Lane and across to Quebec Wood, past Gingerbread Cottage. We will continued east along Dereham’s sole bridleway and on along Green Lane to reach Hoe Lodge.

cows After a brief stop to say hello to some young cows, we followed Northall Green Lane to Swanton Road to a track down to the edge of the Neatherd - but before going past the Neatherd, we headed east to Etling Green however as we were running a little behind schedule and didn't quite make Etling Green cutting ¼ mile off the route. The final stretch sees us on Norwich Road and back to our starting point at Cowper Road car park.

Nearby, Coco's awaited with celebratory coffee and cake.

enjoying refreshments

Walk promotion flyer (pdf, opens in new tab).

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